The eCommerce Battle Between Shopify, Wix and WordPress

You’ve decided you want to start your own eCommerce website. You have your domain name ideas thanks to a website name generator or brandable domain name reseller and now you need to put everything together. Before you just set up your website, you need to find a content management system that works for you.

There are three content management systems that people usually choose: Wix, Shopify, and WordPress. Each has its own pros and cons and offer different benefits for eCommerce shop owners. Here’s a look at the three different systems to help you choose the right one for you.

WordPress Remains the Best Content Management System for Most

When it comes to building websites, the majority of people will tell you to work with WordPress. It is the most superior of the lot, especially when you invest in your own hosting and have your short domains bought and ready to use. You can now get a web host that supports the use of WordPress, whereas the others aren’t supported as much.

The cost of getting your own host and using WordPress is also cheaper than Wix and Shopify. This will allow you to spend the money elsewhere within your business.

A major benefit is the mobile responsiveness. You will need to choose the right theme, but the site is geared towards mobile devices. This will increase your chances of getting people to buy through your site, as many will browse with their phones or tablets now. When looking at themes, they will show you the way your site will look on all types of devices to know if they’re right for you.

So, what’s the downside? There is still a learning curve to using WordPress. To do everything you need, you will need to invest in plug-ins and themes. Some of them are free, but you’ll need to spend extra money each month for the best shops and layout on your site. Shopify and Wix have many of these costs included in their monthly plans.

However, if you do know some coding, you can make your WordPress site stand out considerably. You can change layouts, styles, colors, and much more. Even if you don’t know coding, you can hire someone who does to manage the running and updating of your site. There are also individuals creating new plug-ins and themes to make sure there is something for all.

Wix Doesn’t Suffer from as Many Bugs

While WordPress is popular and easy to use, the system does suffer from a number of bugs. Every month there seems to be something to update, whether it’s your theme, a plug-in, or the WordPress software. Clicking the update can cause further bugs and even cause you to lose your site. You’ll need to make sure everything is backed up to be able to restore an older version.

Wix doesn’t have this problem. The code isn’t Open Source like WordPress, which means individuals can’t modify them. This cuts out some of the flexibility but it also means fewer risks when creating a working website. Plug-ins, themes, and other add-ons are only created by the Wix development team, which means more security and better working websites. There are constantly more apps added, so there is a chance something you need will come very soon.

There is still plenty of customization available on the site. You can get a variety of themes and the plug-ins available will help you create shopping carts with ease. You can even try out the site for free if you’re not too sure and update to a paid hosting through the company.

Running promotions through a Wix site is extremely easy. The company is designed for those who want to sell products and services, so there are coupon codes that you can easily add to increase your sales rate. There’s no need to pay for higher tier accounts to gain the access to the unlimited coupons, unlike with Shopify.

Online chat is also possible—and not just with Wix. You can set up online chat through your own website easily and effectively. This then allows your customers to instantly get in touch with you when they have a question.

One of the downsides is the speed of the site. It can be slow, which can put people off buying from you. While there is some support for mobile devices, it is lagging right now. This could come with time.

No Hosting Costs with Shopify

When you choose to use your domain name ideas and develop a site through Shopify, you can get rid of the costs of hosting. Instead, you pay a set fee to Shopify for absolutely everything you could need. There are different plans available, depending on your specific eCommerce needs.

The site is designed specifically for those who have products to sell. There’s no need to hope you find a theme or plug-in that will make your site look like a store.

It’s extremely easy to use. This is why many people who are just starting out with eCommerce will opt for Shopify over everything else. Your product attributes are set, so you just need to add the products in. There’s no need to worry about the look, style, or layout. It’s all predetermined to help you focus more on the selling and marketing of your products. Sure, this is a downside for those who are more experienced, but it’s excellent for those just starting out.

Shopify is also a trusted brand for many. It helps you create more sales.

One of the issues with Shopify is the lack of integration. It’s good for shops, but you won’t be able to add a blog or other website elements to it. You can get an About section and add Contact information, but you’re limited on the SEO and content marketing. You’ll want to set up a blog elsewhere for this and then link to Shopify.

If you don’t really know what you want to gain from your eCommerce business, you may find Shopify as a good place to start. However, if you know that you definitely want a blog and to create a full site after the use of your website name generator, then you’ll want to choose something different to start. Wix or WordPress are better alternatives.

Which Is Better for Your Website?

When it comes to setting up an eCommerce site, you will definitely need to determine what you want to gain first. If you just want somewhere to set up quickly and sell on, Shopify could be perfect. There are certain limitations, but creating new products and adding them to the site is easy. The company will take care of the payment processes, so all you have to worry about is sending off the products.

If you want more functions and flexibility, you’ll want to consider Wix or WordPress. Out of the two, WordPress has more flexibility and allows you to be more creative, but there is a learning curve. If you want something designed for selling that allows you easy access to coupon codes, online chat functions, and payment processing, Wix will be the one for you. You can still use your short domains with ease and create a site you’re proud of having.

When you want something bigger and better, WordPress offers a range of themes and plug-ins. You can easily integrate shopping carts and coupon codes. Some plug-ins are free, but even those that have a cost are usually one-off costs to help you make the most of your website now you have your awesome domain name ideas.