Educational Domain Names

Educational domain names tend to be strong, authoritative, and categorically comprehensive. These names are ideal for a wide variety of educational websites including educational blogs, advice blogs, forums, car repair and automotive advice sites, cooking sites, health and wellness sites, sites selling e-books, and financial, legal, and healthcare advising sites. These names use a variety of naming conventions to convey information-rich expertise. They often contain a categorical word followed by a word like “advisors”, “advice”, “aid”,  “pros”, “guys”, or “nerds” to place emphasis on the expertise of those contributing content. Alternatively, they may use suffixes such as “hut”, “shack”, “place”, or adverbs such as “-ly” or “-ify” to emphasize that the site is “all about” a certain subject. An educational domain name will give you the appearance of a subject matter expert while giving your website the look and feel of a “one-stop shop” for category and industry-specific information.


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